Aug 30, 2014

Just a little look of what I've been up to.....I've been super busy so I thought a few pics is better then none...right?!?  photo blog26_zpsc2fdeccd.jpg  photo blog27_zpsda528a62.jpg  photo blog28_zps4a38bd0e.jpg  photo blog29_zps6ddf6230.jpg  photo blog31_zpsc74f6067.jpg  photo blog7_zps419dd4e6.jpg  photo blog25_zps3a930356.jpg  photo blog23_zps89a0faaf.jpg  photo blog22_zps85024c4c.jpg  photo blog3_zps75026bf3.jpg  photo blog20_zpsea8340dc.jpg  photo blog6_zps03eb2a71.jpg  photo blog19_zps97025176.jpg  photo blog16_zps66e95988.jpg  photo blog17_zps91471348.jpg  photo blog14_zpsb272c834.jpg  photo blog21_zpsd5ea90e6.jpg  photo blog4_zps2253c0fe.jpg  photo blog13_zpsd14da2da.jpg  photo blog12_zpsa9fad1fe.jpg  photo blog11_zpsba4621bc.jpg  photo blog10_zps2dbc6166.jpg  photo blog9_zps632ebe14.jpg  photo blog8_zps8804a7e7.jpg  photo blog2_zps407be30c.jpg  photo blog1_zps2800b0ae.jpg  photo blog5_zpsb32ef842.jpg  photo blog2_zps407be30c.jpg My 3 are growing up way too fast...  photo blog30_zps04bcb0ee.jpg I don't even think I ever showed little Stella Bella off yet!!  photo blog18_zps7f1d83ea.jpg  photo blog15_zpse28ca138.jpg

Jan 5, 2014


Oh how I love newborns!! And can't get enough of them..... Baby B Love all of her hair!!  photo blog3_zps9574c868.jpg  photo blog1_zps625a9053.jpg  photo blog2_zpsf3ade0b8.jpg Baby C Who's dad is a pilot and mom is a flight attendant- so little aviator pics fit her perfect!! photo blog5_zpsbaa20b3c.jpg  photo blog4_zpsb33ee1ef.jpg  photo blog6_zpsce93e4ae.jpg Baby D Loved his rolls!!  photo blog11_zpsd92c9d44.jpg  photo blog9_zps2cce933e.jpg  photo blog7_zps5412b9d9.jpg  photo blog8_zps2341e5d8.jpg Baby K He was the best little sleeper  photo blog13_zpsa32b8f8a.jpg  photo blog12_zps55736b9c.jpg  photo blog14_zpse59bb286.jpg Baby M With 2 older sisters, I could tell mom and dad were so excited to have a little man!!  photo blog15_zps838d8ed1.jpg  photo blog16_zps8ab736b2.jpg  photo blog17_zps80b84530.jpg Baby M With perfect pink newborn skin- And I couldn't leave out the picture of her proud brothers and sister  photo blog20_zpsda210c28.jpg  photo blog18_zpseea87456.jpg  photo blog19_zps3745b851.jpg Baby O Such a sweet little boy! Who made for the cutest little reindeer  photo blog22_zps9203c727.jpg  photo blog21_zps290411a5.jpg  photo blog23_zps7500d5f3.jpg Baby C my sweet little niece  photo blog25_zps2a703f88.jpg  photo blog27_zps965928d0.jpg  photo blog28_zps025ee65f.jpg  photo blog26_zpscd8ed483.jpg  photo blog24_zps1af1e2be.jpg